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2022 and 2021 Coaches


Julie Ames, Head Coach

Volleyball Bio, Certifications & Awards

Coach Julie has been the Head Coach for the Greensboro Panthers Volleyball program since 2018.  Her mission is to be a positive influence and role model for the girls she coaches so they can become strong and confident young ladies on and off the court.  She pushes her players to always give 100% but she is also their biggest cheerleader.

Coach Julie is also the Director of Athlete Development and a head coach for Champion Volleyball Club in Winston Salem.

She has received the following certifications and awards:

  • USAV CAP I Level Coach


  • USAV SafeSport

  • CR Junior Referee

  • AAU Coach

  • AAU Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach Level 2

  • NFHS/CDC Concussion in Sports

  • American Heart Association CPR and AED Certified

  • 2019, 2020 & 2021 NCHEAC Coach of the Year (Western Division)


Coach Julie began playing volleyball in 7th grade and it immediately became her favorite sport. She was a setter and captain all the way through her senior year of high school. She was a Varsity player all 4 years of high school, played Junior Olympic ball, and was named All Conference GCAC her junior and senior years. Coach Julie was offered a scholarship to play volleyball at a DII college in TN as a setter, but was unable to accept due to family circumstances, and attended college closer to home in FL instead.


She began coaching volleyball at the Kernersville YMCA when she moved to Winston Salem in 2014, and quickly became very involved with helping their program flourish. From 2014 until 2016 she coached 9 teams and hosted numerous weekly open gym sessions for players on all of the YMCA teams.


Coach Julie is a homeschool mom.  Her daughter, Aleksandrea (Leksi) is a Panther.  In 2016 Julie saw the need for a competitive volleyball team in the Kernersville area that homeschooled girls could be a part of. She created the Kernersville Wolverines Volleyball program and opened it up to non-homeschooled girls as well.  


In 2016, Coach Julie also started coaching for Champion Volleyball Club.  She is their Director of Athlete Development, runs numerous camps and clinics, gives private lessons, and has coached the following teams so far:

  • 18 National

  • 18 Zonal

  • 17 Purple

  • 17 Black

  • 16 National

  • 16 Purple

  • 16 Kernersville

  • 15 National

  • 14 Kernersville

Coach Julie is dedicated to helping volleyball thrive in our area and helping girls achieve their goals.  Her enthusiasm for the game is contagious. She loves coaching and helping players become more confident and competitive on and off the court.  Coach Julie believes lifelong learning is one of the keys to being successful in life.


Before becoming a homeschool mom and coach, she was a Dermatology and ICU Veterinary Technician and a Real Estate Investor.  When she’s not on a volleyball court, you can usually find her with her husband and daughter riding horses, doing CrossFit, riding mountain bikes, off-roading, painting, or watching movies. 


Her Coaching Philosophy

  • To share my knowledge of and enthusiasm for volleyball in a fun and challenging environment.

  • To teach kids the physical and mental skills they need to be successful on and off the court.

  • To teach kids that hard work and perseverance are important to be successful.

  • To help kids become more confident in themselves.

  • To teach kids how to communicate effectively and work as a team.

  • To teach kids that winning isn’t everything, but making the effort is.

  • To use praise rather than fear to motivate players.

  • To build a relationship of mutual trust and respect with my players.

  • To help players set and achieve their volleyball goals.

  • To teach them that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s your recovery from those mistakes that matters.

Austin pic.jpg

Austin Sunter, Assistant Coach

Coach Austin has been a volunteer Assistant Coach for the Greensboro Panthers program since 2018.  He juggles multiple coaching positions, as he is also a Zonal & National Head Coach at Champion, the Sand Volleyball Head Coach at East Forsyth High School, and an Assistant Basketball Coach at East Forsyth High School.  He also runs various clinics and gives private lessons.

He started his coaching career at the Kernersville YMCA where he coached and officiated multiple sports for the Kernersville location as well as the Spears location.  Austin has served as the Assistant Coach at Salem College, the Head Coach of the East Forsyth High School JV team, an Assistant Varsity Coach at East Forsyth High School.  

Fun Fact: Austin and Julie have been coaching together since 2015.

Coach Austin's certifications:

  • USAV Coach


  • USAV SafeSport

  • CR Junior Referee

  • NFHS/CDC Concussion in Sports

  • AAU Coach

  • AAU Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach

Sara Flynn, Assistant Coach (JV Team)

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Coach Sara is back for our 2022 season!  She was an Assistant Coach for the Greensboro Panthers Volleyball program in 2019 & 2020 but was unable to coach for us in 2021 due to her college schedule.  Sara graduated from East Forsyth High School in June 2019 and has since been attending Guilford College, studying Exercise Science.  Her athletic accomplishments include East Forsyth High School Varsity Volleyball 2017-2019 (Floor Captain), Champion Volleyball Club 2016-2018 (Co-Captain), Abington Swim Team 2009-2019, and East Forsyth High School Swimming 2016-2019 (Captain).


Her love for coaching began as a young swimmer when she was asked to help with teaching and mentoring peer swimmers during summer swim team; a role she continues to this day.  Her passion was formally fueled when, at age 15, she was asked to help in the gym during YMCA volleyball games.  Then she later began formally coaching volleyball teams.

Her coaching philosophy is: The desire to win, to get better, and to believe in each other is something that I push all of my players to feel in all things that we do.

Fun Fact: Coach Sara's black lab, Asher has his own Instagram page.

Coach Sara's certifications:

  • USAV Coach


  • USAV SafeSport

  • CR Junior Referee

  • NFHS/CDC Concussion in Sports


Brenda Harris, Assistant Coach (MS Team)

Coach Brenda has been apart of the Greensboro Panthers volleyball family since 2015, starting as a middle school player. Her years with the Panthers created a foundation of love for the game and also built her confidence and skill as a player. She has further built on those skills playing with Champion Volleyball Club the past three years (indoor and sand).  What she has learned and the relationships she has built have been invaluable and it has gained her the consideration to play volleyball at the collegiate level. 

She serves as a leader at Bridge of Hope Church as assistant teacher teaching students from Pre-K through Middle School since 2016. The experience she has obtained has helped her be an effective leader and mentor to all student groups. 

Her coaching philosophy is to create a love for the game while developing the skill set to be a confident player. A player who has the desire to grow and be a great teammate on and off the court. 

In Brenda's first year as our Middle School coach, she led the 2021 Panthers to win the State Championship!

Fun Fact: Coach Brenda is a phenomenal baker and makes the absolute best vegan, gluten-free macarons!

Coach Brenda's certifications:

  • USAV Member

  • CR Junior Referee

  • NFHS/CDC Concussion in Sports


  • USAV SafeSport

joe pic.jpg

Joe Ames, Assistant Coach

Coach Joe has been a volunteer Assistant Coach for the Greensboro Panthers program since 2018.  He is also a Skills Coach and a Tournament Director for Champion Volleyball Club.  Coach Joe has several years of experience coaching youth sports, including volleyball and mountain biking and enjoys both sports himself and with his family. 

He has previously coached a 17U Regional team at Champion, and was also an Assistant Coach for the East Forsyth High School mountain bike team.

Fun Fact: Coach Joe makes beautiful handcrafted knives in his spare time.

Coach Joe's certifications:

  • USAV Coach


  • USAV SafeSport

  • CR Junior Referee

  • NFHS/CDC Concussion in Sports

  • AAU Coach

  • Wilderness First Aid


Maddie Smith, Assistant Coach

Coach Maddie has been apart of Greensboro Panthers since 2014, starting as a middle school player. Playing for Panthers was the start of her competitive sport years. Panthers volleyball helped her grow us a player, and as a teammate. She learned the important skills of volleyball as well as how to be a better teammate. Panthers showed her how to play with confidence and determination but also having fun at the same time.

She also played homeschool basketball for 8 years.  Most of those years she was a co-captain and was able to be a leader on the team. She led team devotions before every basketball game and was able to grow in confidence both on and off the court.

Coach Maddie's coaching philosophy is: Every game, every practice give it your all. Play with endurance and determination. Love the game and have fun playing it. Create a relationship with your teammates and encourage one another. This impacts not only you and your relationship with them but also each game and each practice

Fun Fact: Coach Maddie wrote a book!  

Guest Coaches

Our coach will bring in guest coaches to help out as needed.  These guest coaches are volunteers and will always be someone they know personally and professionally.  All guest coaches will have a minimum of the following certifications: USAV IMPACT, USAV SafeSport, and CR Junior referee certification.  However, most will have even more.

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